An exceptional student and her service to YABA, are the reasons Ashlee Mefford of Coldwater was selected to receive the 2007  "Future Leader" $1,500 scholarship.

Ashlee started her league bowling at age 5. She has played an active roll in YABA leagues and is currently the Senior League Director at Coldwater Recreation.

During her sophomore year, she tried out for the High School Bowling Team. She has been on the team the last 3 years and they have brought home the Girls Team High School Championship 3 years in a row. She has been named Miss Bowling by the HSBA and carried the girl's highest average of 212. She currently carries a 196 average and has a high game of 299 and high seris of 777. The game and series were rolled during the 2007 Michigan State USBC Youth Tournament in Lansing. What a great time to bowl your best game and series!

Ashlee carries a 3.78 GPA and plans to attend Kellogg Community College and possibly transfer to Central Michigan University when space is available in the nursing career field. She is currently the president of the local chapter of Health Occupation Students of America.

Ashlee is an excellent choice for this scholarship and we wish her the best of luck in the future.

Future Leader - ASHLEE MEFFORD

Star of Tomorrow - KERRY SCHMANSKY

The Michigan State USBC WBA "Star of Tomorrow" 2007 scholarship is being awarded to Kerry Schmansky.  Kerry currently attends Grand Valley State University in Allendale and maintains her youth status in the Kalamazoo Area Masters League.  She is originally from the Westland and the Detroit YABA.

An avid tournament bowler, she has titles in the Michigan State bowled in Bay City in 2000, All Star in Livonia in 2002, Michigan Junior Masters in 2005, JTBA in Akron Ohio in 2006 and Michigan State USBC Youth Masters in 2006.

Her high game of 299 was rolled in 2005 at the Pepsi Tournament in Saginaw. She has had three 700 series, 705, 705 and 708.  Currently carrying a 194 average, her highest average of 204 came in 2006.

A 3.4 GPA student, she carries sixteen credit hours and works as a waitress to support her 'bowling habit'. Kerry plans to graduate in 2009 with a business major and then would like to go to law school.

Michigan State USBC WBA is proud to present this young lady a $1,500 scholarship and we wish her great success in all future endeavors.

2007 Scholarships

Kerry Schmansky, Ashlee Mefford