This year, we proudly dedicate our tournament to Anita Cantaline, a busy, energetic lady who has been bowling since the late 40's, when she began as a sub and then joined a league, which led to bowling on the center's All Star League. At that time, she also enjoyed Sunday bowling with her family. The cost? 5 cents and 10 cents a game!

Anita has earned several titles though the years, including the BPAA All Star Singles and the National BPAA Doubles, both in 1956.

Anita was captain of the All American Women's team in 1956 and a member of the team for 6 years, as well as a member of 3 WIBC Championship Tournament crowns for an All Events title in 1957 and Team titles in 1957 & 1958.

As the only Detroit bowler ever to be named Bowler of the Year, she was also inducted into the Detroit Hall of Fame. At the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Anita was awarded a plaque as the recipient of the Thomas McKay Award, a lifetime acheivement award for service to the sport of bowling.

Her 1979 induction into the WIBC Hall of Fame for Superior Performance was followed by her 1981 induction into the Michigan WBA Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

In addition to earning titles, Anita has promoted the sport she loves as one of bowling's finest teachers, traveling thousands of miles helping others.

It would certainly be hard, if not impossible, to find someone more deserving to be the 2007 State Tournament Honoree than Anita Cantaline. S0 -- "Thank You Anita" for your many years of dedication and contributioon to the sport of bowling and the Michigan WBA!

2007 Tournament Honoree