2008 Tournament Honoree

This year, we proudly dedicated our tournament to Mickey Johnston.  Born on December 25th,  1906 in Kalamazoo Michigan, she was the only girl in a family of five brothers. As a child, Mickey preferred playing baseball rather than playing with dolls.

She worked at Michigan Bell Telephone Company for 48 years. In 1939, her fellow workers talked her into bowling on the office league.

Throughout her years of bowling, she was on the Kalamazoo Area USBC WBA Board as the Treasurer from 1953-55 and again from 1962-74.  She is a member of the Kalamazoo Area USBC WBA Hall of Fame and Life Member and also was honored for Secretary of the Year.  She served for many years as State and National Delegate.  She has been a member of the Kalamazoo Area USBC WBA 500 Club for 26 years, where she served as the Sgt-At-Arms and 20 years as a director.

One day during the 1940's, she was walking down the street and saw a boy looking in a window of a bowling center. She asked him if he liked to bowl, and he said he didn't have enough money. She told him she would take care of it. So, they went in and bowled a game.

After talking with the manager, the two of them, along with a group of others, started to organize the Junior Program in Kalamazoo. She said, "I love kids, that's what got me started." She served as the Kalamazoo Junior Secretary for 10 years and the State Junior Secretary for five years.  She says there is always those six-foot men coming up to her and saying, "Do you remember me?" "You taught me to bowl." She was very active with the juniors until she resigned in 2005.

We commend Mickey, not only for reaching the wonderful age of 101, but also for her many-many-many-many years of contributing to the sport of bowling and are proud to have dedicated this 2008 State Championship Tournament to her.