For our 2009 Tournament, held in Bay City, we proudly dedicated Marilyn Kreg as our Tournament Honoree. Marilyn has been a member of the Kalamazoo Area USBC WBA for over 60 years.  She bowled her first state tournament at the age of 15, when she was also the captain of the All Star Team in Kalamazoo.  At the tournament, Marilyn bowled her first 600 series and ended up placing 4th in the Singles Event. Marilyn was the first female bowler to carry the highest average in the Kalamazoo Area WBA. In the city tournament, she has won the doubles actual twice (1966 & 1972) and won the actual all events in 1972 with an 1857, a record that held for many years.

In 1985, Marilyn had the highest average in the State, a 214, and the 10th best in the nation.  She won the National Golden Girls Tournament in Las Vegas, where she bowled her only 300 game.

Marilyn has been a coach for the juniors for more than 20 years and is known for her sincere fellowship she shows on and off the lanes.

Bowling in this year's State Tournament on opening day, and rolling out the first ball, made Marilyn's 45th State Tournament.  She has also bowled in more than 25 National Tournaments, 21 State Queens Tournaments, finishing in the top 5 several times, and 7 State Senior Queens Tournaments finishing second once.

It was indeed an honor to dedicate our 2009 State Championship Tournament to Marilyn Kreg and, as it was said " Down the road, people may forget her accomplishments, but they will never forget the way she made them feel"!

Marilyn, it is truly an honor to dedicate the 2009 tournament to you as you are a "True Ambassador" for bowling.

2009 Tournament Honoree