This year’s Michigan State USBC WBA Manager of the Year award is being presented to Jan Matson of the Double View USBC WBA.

Jan has been the Double View USBC WBA Association manager (Secretary) for 16 years. Jan is also the Association Manager for the Greenville USBC WBA, Greenville USBC BA, the Sheridan USBC WBA and the Lakeview Howard City USBC WBA. She also is the secretary/treasurer of several bowling leagues and is a Michigan State USBC WBA Board member.

Jan has been an avid bowler for 20 plus years, she currently is the secretary of 3 leagues and serves on several committees both locally and for the state. Jan is a member of the 600 club and 700 club and has earned Superior Performance Hall of Fame from the Greenville WBA, the Nora Erskin Award from Double View WBA and Meritorious Service Award from Greenville WBA Hall of Fame. Jan also participates in several local, state and national tournaments both WBA and BA. Her friendly knowledgeable attitude makes her the “go to” person for many bowlers with questions.

Jan is married with 3 daughters, has 6 grandchildren, 3 stepdaughters and 3 step grandchildren. She also runs a day care center with up to 10 children; ranging from newborn to 12 years old. Jan when do you find time to do your bowling? Jan is a great ambassador for the game of bowling, always a friendly smile and a good friend to many.

Congratulations Jan, the Michigan State USBC WBA is proud to present you the Manager of the Year award for 2010.

2010 Manager of the Year