Our 2012 Tournament Honoree is Sharon Schildroth. Sharon is from right here in Grandville and a member of the Greater Grand Rapids USBC. Sharon is dedicated to the sport of bowling like non other. She is very highly regarded on all levels of bowling, local, state and national.

Sharon grew up in the Detroit area and she bowled the first time at the age of 7 with her Brownie Troop. Sharon’s experience working in bowling was again at an early age. Proving her good math skills, Sharon was allowed to work as a scorekeeper for the Women’s State Tournament when it was in Detroit, back in the days when scoring was done by hand.

As Sharon’s Mother Dorothy Thompson was already involved in bowling, it was only a matter of time before bowling was in Sharon’s blood.

Soon Sharon was involved in the administrative part of bowling with the Detroit Women’s Bowling Association, where she served as director for 16 years. Then Sharon met her husband Roger, who was from Grand Rapids, they moved here and she joined the Grand Rapids WBA and soon became a member on the association board where she served as director for 4 years, 1st Vice President for 2 years and served a combined total of 16 years as President - first for the Local WBA and then for the newly Merged Greater Grand Rapids USBC.

Continuing her adult career, Sharon was elected Director to the Michigan State USBC WBA Board in 1998. In 2009 she was elected 2nd Vice President. She served only two months in that position before being hired as the Michigan State USBC WBA Association Manager, the position she currently holds along with being the State Tournament Director.

Sharon has been appointed to National Committees over the years, such as tellers and YABA committees. She has served on the Michigan State Bowling Council for over 29 years, currently serving as the Secretary/Treasurer. She was a member of the Greater Grand Rapids Bowling Council for 15 years and she has been a league secretary for many years, refusing any salary. When does that ever happen.

From an early age, Sharon’s passion has always been for youth bowling. While in the Detroit area, she was the Detroit Youth Association Secretary for 13 years. She is now in her 30th year as the Michigan State USBC Youth Manager, was a Youth In-State Instructor 14 years¸ Youth In-State Coordinator 7 years and a Certified Coach for 22 years.

Sharon attended the National YABA Conventions for 16 years and to acknowledge the many years of service to the state youth bowling, their Board has honored Sharon and husband Roger by renaming the State Youth All Star Tournament to the Schildroth Invitational Tournament.

With her busy schedule, Sharon still finds time to bowl, both leagues and tournaments. She bowls her local tournaments, State Mixed Doubles Tournament with her husband and the State Seniors Tournament. She will be bowling her 38th National and 47th State Tournaments this year. In addition, Sharon has served as delegate to the National Convention for 38 years. In addition to all this, she has volunteered to co-ordinate hotel arrangements for her local association delegates to both the National and State Annual meetings and tournaments.

Over the years, Sharon has been honored a number of times for her service to bowling, receiving the Howard McCullough award for Outstanding Contributions to Youth Bowling in 1981, a Scholarship Honoree by Community Bowling Centers, a member of the MS USBC WBA Hall of Fame in 2008, the Greater Grand Rapids Hall of Fame in 2010 and she received the “Hometown Hero Award” in 1998 & 2002 by the Grand Rapids Convention Bureau.

Sharon’s academic career lead her to be a school teacher in the Detroit area and in 1968 she was named Teacher of the Year by the Detroit News.

Sharon is indeed a great asset to our bowling game. Her knowledge of the rules and regulations and her leadership qualities are nothing but the best. She is always willing to give her support, assistance and share her knowledge with anyone in need of help. She gives unselfishly of her time to others not only bowlers but to those of all walks of life.

Sharon it is with great pleasure that we dedicate this 2012 State Championship Tournament to you.

2012 Tournament Honoree