This year’s Michigan State USBC WBA Manager of the Year award is being presented to Jane Ryefield of the Greater Muskegon USBC WBA.

Jane has been the Greater Muskegon Association Manager (secretary) for 15 years and is also the Association Manager of the West Shore Youth, a Director of the Michigan State USBC WBA and is the Tournament Director of the Schildroth Open Invitational Tournament for our Youth Bowlers.

While reading the reference for Jane it is obvious that her dedication to bowling is up and beyond the call of duty. Her endless hours’ working with the youth bowlers and her dedication to adult bowlers is exceptional. Jane has committed her life to the sport of bowling. I cannot think of any better way to honor her for her outstanding dedication and love for the sport of bowling than by honoring her as Manager of the Year for 2013.

Congratulations Jane, the Michigan State USBC WBA is proud to present you as the Manager of the Year for 2013.

2013 Manager of the Year