Growing up Sandra lived in what was a rather remote area and grew up with 7 sisters ... her Dad worked 12 hours per day 7-days a week and her Mom didn't have a driver's license when the girls were young.   But when she was about 15-years old a 24-lane center was built about 2 blocks from their house (Kingswood Lanes). She started bowling at Kingswood because it was within walking distance from her home; she remembers carrying her single ball bag with shoes, sometimes in snow and rain, to go bowling. 

Sandra quickly developed a big interest in learning how to bowl properly and was fortunate to meet a man named Bob Beverlin, who started helping her and her sisters. Sandra stated: "He was a very patient and dedicated instructor, he taught us the very basics of the game and instilled upon us the importance of being able to repeat shots & the value of practice, which I still do a lot of."  He became a very good family friend; I have a huge amount of gratitude towards him, he passed away a few years ago. Her coach now is her husband, Charles; who she says “deals with a lot of my "bowling" emotions with a lot of patience and understanding."

Her biggest highlight is when she shot her first 800 series (more to come, she hopes) but she also holds a special moment for bowling 2-300 games during league play with her Dad and sister Krista by her side, encouraging her all the way.

Here are a few of her accolades:

  • Consistently maintained an average of 215-220 for 20 plus years, Seven 300 games, One 800 series (300 + 236 +300 = 836)
  • Member of the Detroit Women’s Bowling Association Queens Court - 6 times Member of the Team Championship Detroit Women’s’ city tournament 1993 and 1994
  • Champion of the Michigan State Women’s’ Bowling Association Actual Singles and Actual All Events in 1998
  • Inducted into the MWBA Hall of Fame in 1997. Inducted into the Detroit Hall of Fame in 1998.
  • Three times champion of the MWBA Queens ( 1996-2001-2009) and Michigan Senior Queens in 2012.
  • Member of the MDUSBC Senior Queens Court in 2013, and MDUSBC Women’s Series Champion in 2013.
  • Head coach Chippewa Valley High School- girls- currently in her 8th year.

Congratulations on being the Tournament Honoree for the Michigan State Women's Bowling Association, State Tournament for 2014.

2014 Tournament Honoree