2016 Manager of the Year - Non-Merged


Donna Beemer became involved in bowling first with the Brown City Association and served as its Secretary-Treasurer.  When the Brown City Association dissolved, Donna became a member of the Lapeer Association and consequently a director there.  She then became the Association Manager.  Donna is described as being extremely well-organized, well educated in the rules and conscientious. 

An enthusiastic promoter, she has increased entries in the local tournament over the last five years.  Recommendation letters also describe her as a hard worker, very friendly and very professional.

Donna also bowls in four leagues and is treasurer of one of them.  In addition to her local tournaments, she also finds time to bowl in our State Tournament, Senior Tournament and the 500 and 600 club tournaments.

Congratulations Donna, the Michigan State USBC WBA is proud to present you with the Manager of the Year Award for a non-merged association for 2016.