Headquarter hotel information for the 2018 tournament

- 3 Marriott Properties -

Auburn Hills Marriott, Courtyard & Residence Inn

Map and Hotel Information

Click here for the Auburn Hills Marriott February 16 - March 18

Click here for the Auburn Hills Marriott March 23 - May 7

The phone number for any of the above listed properties is

​(248) 648-6016​

Additional Hotels for weekend of April 20-22


(18 or more games from the past four years - 2014-2017) 
ALL games bowled are included in the average - NO GAMES DROPPED.

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Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of these averages, however should you find a descrepancy or have questions, please feel free to contact us.

By: email at miwomenbowlers@gmail.com

Stephanie Schick, Midland - 295 on April 23, 2017 - Team Event

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Winners of the Brunswick Ball Raffes
Sherry MacGregor Pam Topor
Arica Angelo Antoinette Keylon
Debbie Slater Karen Hamilton
Cindy Buda Patty Ellenburg
Kathy Larabell Steph Dranger
Christine Seeley Trish Storey
Candy Selent Corinne Cummings
Sue Doll Sandy Story
Alicia Whitman Holly Oblinger
Chris Sage Lisa Cook
Nicki Brose Jill Burch
Tena Whitiz Joyce Sayre
Amanda Pierce A. Blarek
Karen Gondoly Linda Peters
Sue Schmalzried Kelly Speer
Fran Reus Jessica Moore (2)
Judy Drevers Peg Zemayan
Theresa Cleveland Sherri Schiefer
Kharissa Spainhower Kris Moran
Julia Kay Kaaile Jodi McGillis
Melody Bergh Mary Tibbs
Alyssa Foster-Richmond Vicki Hurch
Sharon Craft Kelly Pardon
Louise Patterson Wendy Rogers
Jeanne Chisholm Vickie Nowling
Elaine Lanza Tiffany Smith
Melissa Seeger Chris Mathe
Barb Jurn Kim Smith
Sharon Allbee Nancy Anthony
Chris Mathe Valaine Phillips
Di Searlesy Ruth Dunlap
Carol Smith Wendy Nirganagas
Cheryl Lemieux MaryJane Pool

Dates and Squads have now been finalized for 2018.

The 2018 Tournament will be in Waterford - Team at Airway lanes and D/S at Century Bowl

​For reservations, please email your request to miwomenbowlers@gmail.com

or call the office at 616/635-2032

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Actual Champions

Congratulations to

Sherri Henschel, Marcellus 

810 in team event - May 7, 2017


300 Game - Singles - April 2, 2017

Sonja Butler, Detroit

300 Game - May 13, 2017

Pictures from Opening Ceremonies

High Handicap Game of the Tournament:

Team: Nancy Tatarek, Sterling Heights - 337 (264+73)

Doubles/Singles: Amy Olson, Freeland - 341 (263+78)

PRIZE CHECKS WERE MAILED THE WEEKEND OF JUNE 10TH TO ALL TEAM CAPTAINS - PLEASE CASH PROMPTLY - Please note, if you were on more than one entry, your prize checks may be sent to separate captains - please check with each of them.

A HUGE thank you to the Bay Area USBC for their wonderful assistance in running this tournament and to our two host centers:

Bay Lanes - team event and Monitor Lanes - doubles/singles events

for their great hospitality.